pinkisgreenHaving a more energy efficient home is a wonderful way to both save money and save the environment all at the same time. The problem that many homeowners have is that they do not realize just how much energy they are losing because of the overall structure of the home. Older houses are probably going to have old and drafty windows, leaking roofs and poor-quality siding. These three things combined can easily create a home that is drafty and causes you to have to use more energy just to keep it both warm and cool throughout the year.


Upgrade Your Windows

In order for you to have a more energy efficient home, it is essential that you consider changing out the windows that are found throughout the house. If your current windows create a draft or tend to bead with water when temperatures outside drop, this is a sign that they are in need of changing. Newer windows are now being made with quality grade materials that keep energy efficiency in mind all the time. These windows will help to prevent major drafts from entering the home, allowing you to be more comfortable throughout the day and night.  read more>>

Upgrade Your Siding

Another thing to consider changing would be the actual siding and roofing of the house. The siding is an especially vulnerable spot when it comes to energy efficiency because of the fact that drafts can come in through the sides of the house and create cold rooms in the house. You may find that you’re cranking up the heat in the house just because of drafts that are almost constant. Changing both the siding and roofing of the home will help the entire house to retain its temperature inside, giving a more comfortable feel for you and your loved ones. Making the decision to change out older windows, siding and old roofing may seem like a major project to get involved with, but it can easily help you to save tons of money long-term when you think of the fact that you can lower your home’s thermostat and still feel incredibly comfortable all the time.  read more>>

Upgrade Your Insulation

Green Thumb Panther white backWithout quality insulation in your home, it doesn’t matter how efficient the rest of your homes may be.  At Ohio Builders, we use the best insulation available to make sure your home is well protected for years to come.  Set up a meeting with one of our product specialists to show you how our Owens Corning insulation systems can save you thousands off or your utility bills.  The best part is that we have great financing specials!

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