content_04-1024x574Ohio Builders has managed to help different people achieve their dream business premises from the many services that we deliver to our customers. We construct and remodel retail shops, hospitals, industrial spaces among other business areas. Below are some of the services we offer and the reason as to why you should choose us to handle your commercial space problems.  There is almost no commercial interior renovation project we can’t handle.  Besides, if you are already trusting us to care for the outside of your building, why not trust us to make the inside even more spectacular.


The types of services we offer:


We believe that your business space should be as attractive as possible and, for this reason, we install carpets on your floor to make it presentable. This makes your customers and clients feel good while stepping on the carpet on your floor. They admire stepping on the carpeted floor and always feel comfortable walking around.


We have realized that the majority of customers get attracted to a business place due to the colors applied to walls. We advise our customers on the best colors to apply to their walls and also ensure that we do it for them. We have experienced experts in painting who do the work marvelously.


Apart from the installation of synthetic carpets on your floor, we also do wood flooring for you. We usually cover the floor of your business space with wood to make it stronger. The work is done by the experts we have and therefore done in the right manner. This makes your business floor to be good.

Mechanical and electrical services.

We have electricians who take care of your mechanical and electrical problems. If your industrial space is experiencing power problems, we send our experts to come and take care of everything. We make sure that that wiring at your business area is done in the appropriate manner to avoid fire risks. They understand their job and, therefore, leaves you with a smile on your face.

Furniture and equipment services.

We address problems experienced by the furniture and equipment in your industry. We have experts who are capable of handling issues related to any material you have. The experts have a long job experience and, therefore, know how different equipment are supposed to operate.

Installation of tiles.

The experts we have are experienced enough and know how to install tiles both on the floor and roof of your business premise. We make sure that the tiles installed are of high quality and cannot wear out quickly.

Vinyl wallcovering.

We are determined to make the walls of your commercial building appealing through covering them with vinyl, a fabric material that improves the esthetic nature of the walls. The covering materials come in different designs, and we, therefore, make sure that we offer you the best material for your business space.

Finish carpentry services.

Taking care of your carpentry needs is one of our priorities. We make sure that all the structures in your premises are made in the right manner. These include stairs, cupboard ceilings and any other material made of wood. Our team is committed to offering the best to customers.

and probably anything else you need!  Give us a call today!