What is Insurance Restoration Repair?

When a disaster such as a fire, flood or storm destroys all or part of a residential or commercial property, you require a professional insurance restoration team. An insurance provider requires detailed records concerning the damage that occurs to a building that needs repair. Failure to take photographs or maintain records concerning damage and repairs can lead to not receiving full reimbursement for materials and labor. A knowledgeable roofing company in Ohio has office staff ready to assist with documenting the damages that require repair to prevent financial losses for its customers. In most cases, an insurance provider will only pay for the most essential repairs with the same type of materials and design that was used previously.

Receiving Full Insurance Reimbursement

However, since the time a structure was built, there are often new building codes in place in the area that require using updated materials and methods. Instead of arguing with an insurance company about these new guidelines, a local roofing company knows how to provide the documents to prove the updated methods are required. In addition to repairing roofs and siding damaged by hailstones, an insurance restoration team can remove water and debris inside or outside the building to prevent damage to the foundation, wiring or insulation. Throughout the restoration process, records are maintained as verification for the customer’s insurance provider. This means the construction manager is highly organized to ensure the customer is fully reimbursed.

Call Your Insurance Provider

iStock_000002357866LargeBefore hiring a roofing or building construction team to complete insurance restoration repairs, verify the company is licensed in the state of Ohio. Ask to talk to previous customers, or view the work completed in buildings by the construction company. Call your home or business’s insurance provider to determine if the construction company is part of its plan to avoid unnecessary expenses. When the construction team manager arrives, show them the damage and discuss the cost of labor and materials. Determine how long it will take to complete the repairs to avoid inconvenience while you are unable to use the building.

We Know Storm Damage—And Insurance

There’s a certain level of understanding that comes from 35 years in the industry and working closely with insurance companies to repair homes, and that means that we know what to do to get you the repairs you need at the costs that make sense.

Because we have worked with every major insurance company, Ohio Builders knows what each insurance company needs in order to process a claim to a house from storm damage, and we will work with you and your insurance company to make it happen.

When you find storm damage you want repaired, here’s what you can expect from us:

  • Inspection. One of our HAAG Certified Inspectors will come out and look at your house and inspect all of the damage.
  • Claim. Once we’ve documented your storm damage, we will walk you through the claims process on the spot.
  • Adjustment. When the insurance adjuster comes, your Ohio Builders Inspector will be there to represent you and your home to the adjuster. We’ll make sure every code requirement and every bit of damage is accounted for and addressed.
  • Negotiation. Because we take our responsibility to represent you seriously, we will negotiate with insurance to make sure that what needs to be fixed is paid for fully by the insurance company.
  • Building. Once the roof is “Insurance Approved” we will begin ordering materials . We will also schedule a date to build dependent on the insurance companies payment time frame.
    The final payment only comes with satisfactory completion of the job, and our goal is for you to only pay your deductible and any additions and extras you add—your repair should be covered by insurance as much as possible. Ask today about how to easily earn back that deductible by providing us with some marketing help. That means your roof is virtually FREE. Who doesn’t like a free roof.

Don’t let storm damage keep your house from being everything you want it to be: call Ohio Builders today!