InsulationAs a homeowner, your home is your greatest investment and your greatest responsibility. Living in Ohio fulfills your American dream. Along with that dream comes your practical side, which knows that insulation from weather extremes suits the commitment you have made to keep your home as safe as possible. Insulation experts can tell you that R-value refers to insulation’s resistance to heat flow and not to its thickness. The higher the R-value, the more efficiently it insulates. Small air pockets in the material resist the passage of heat, so in Ohio’s warm summertime, your home deflects heat gain, and in the cold winters, heat loss is minimized The best way to utilize modern insulation is to use the expertise of a contractor who installs Owens Corning insulation. Let’s look at some places in your home to protect, and the best way to do it.


Attic Insulation

The attic is the classic place to start thinking of insulation. You can greatly reduce your attic’s protection of lower floors by consulting with your contractor, who will likely suggest using R-38 to R-30 insulation. He will alert you to the need of insulating your attic stairway, too, something which you may not have considered. Moving along, the recommended factor for insulating walls is R-15 to R-13. Those blasts of sideways moving icy winds coming in off Lake Erie won’t gain a foothold into your home.

Our Contractors Customize Your Insulation

owens-corning-pc-logo-panther-geo1361511425Floors benefit from R-30 to R-19 insulation, and your contractor will ask you how far you wish to go with insulation when he gives you a free quote. If you want to insulate exterior walls, rigid foam is used and he will answer all your questions about this material. Either R-13 batting or rigid foam will protect your basement properly.

You will stand back and admire the good job your contractor has done in protecting your home, and be justly proud of yourself for hiring him.