Residential-Roof-CleaningYour roof protects your home and adds to the curb appeal of the structure. A well maintained roof extends the life of the shingles and the roof itself. A roof that is not well maintained can quickly lead to structural problems with the home and damage to the interior. Having your roof cleaned and inspected on a regular basis can prevent these types of damages from occurring.

Residentail roof cleaning in Ohio

That elegant look of your attractive, well-maintained home can easily be ruined by the sight of a horrible looking stained roof. Roof stains brings doubts about the general health of your home to prospective home buyers affecting marketability. The sight of stained roof significantly affects your home’s general beauty. Our company specializes in roof cleaning in Ohio, offering outstanding services to all residential dwellings. Our company employs the latest technology to leave your shingles looking marvelous and elegant again, all with minimal risk of damage to your roof. Typical residential roofs get cleaned within hours, and the results are also instantaneous.
Advantages of cleaning

  1. Prolonging shingle life through the removal of ugly stains that is destructive in the long run.
  2. Saves cost as the homeowner will not need to replace the entire roof.
  3. It improves marketability and raises home value.
  4. Roof cleaning will protect your home against insurance policy termination.

Staring at your roof, and you start noticing how bad your roof has been affected by moss and the black streaks. The overall problem is that your roof is being consumed, literally. The mold, algae, fungus and moss are living organisms that are eating away your roof. It also forms the perfect breeding ground for spiders and bugs. If the situation is left unattended for, your roof will lose shelf life making you incur unprecedented loss when replacing the roof. Our company will be there to remedy this situation as we provide residential roof cleaning in Ohio, leaving a trail of customer satisfaction to all our clients.
Roof cleaning uses either pressure or bleach. We are flexible enough to work with your preferences and minimized time to reduce taking all your time. Our staff maintains professional ethics each day they interact with clients, making you feel like the boss so you can direct how you want your work done, without fear of restriction. Also, we provide residential roof cleaning in Ohio with little or no damage to your roof, ensuring there is no extra cost to repair.
With years of exercise and experience, we have perfected our cleaning services in Ohio. We utilize a combination of the flawless chemical and manual washing methods, coupled with the best rinsing systems thus allowing us to give our clients guarantee of all stains removal from your roof. To ensure prolonged life, we do not use large volumes of corrosive chemicals such as sodium hydroxide; we also refrain from using high pressure to minimize chances of damage to your roof. The end goal is to kill all biological organisms that take shelter from your roof, ensuring the roof will stay clear and clean for long.
Leaks, mildew, stains and mold growth are characteristics of a roof that needs cleaning. You should never wait until the roof comes collapsing so you can take action. Our company will give free inspections once you contact us, offering you detailed information to make sure you reach the best decision so you house gets an elegant and prolonged life. Feel free to contact us for your entire residential roof cleaning in Ohio.

Algae Damages Shingles

One of the most common problems that can occur on a roof is algae growth. Blue algae can occur on any roof, but is more common in areas where there is high humidity and warmer temperatures. Blue algae generally appear as black stains on the roof and usually begin on the north side of the roof where there is more shade for it to grow.

The algae will eat the natural materials found in the shingles and cause them to quickly deteriorate. Shingles can become brittle and break, crumble, or dislodge from the roof completely. Additionally, as the algae grow, rain will wash it down the sides of your house leaving stains on the exterior of your home.

Roof Cleaning

Having your roof professionally cleaned will remove the algae and improve the appearance of your roof and protect it from damage. A professional cleaning will also ensure that the right cleaning methods and products are used. In many cases people resort to pressure washers and bleach to remove the algae. Pressure washing can be too intense for the roof and cause damage to shingles. Bleach can ruin your shingles, your exterior paint, your landscaping, and potentially harm your pets if they get into standing water containing bleach.

A professional roof cleaning service will use biodegradable products that eliminate the algae without causing harm to your home or landscaping. Many of these products remain on the roof instead of being rinsed off so that they continue to provide protection to the shingles from regrowth. The roof service performing the cleaning can also inspect your roof and shingles at that time to determine if any repairs need to be completed.