Residential Interior Renovations & Construction by Ohio Builders

residential Interior renovation work in OhioWhen you bought your home you thought it was the perfect fit for you and your family. Now that some time has passed you are discovering ways that it could be made better. The kitchen that you thought was quaint is now too small and outdated. The full wall entertainment center was built long before the 54 inch flat screen television that you need room for. Your master bath is perfectly in style …for 1980.  It may just be time for some home renovations.


Kitchen Remodeling

We can help you change your old kitchen into the custom space that you have always wanted. Open up the room by removing the dividing wall between the kitchen and dining room and putting in a pass through counter with bar stools. You will not lose any cabinet space, but you will gain an airy feel to the room. New cabinetry with pull out shelving will make organizing easier and the under cabinet lighting will help brighten the entire room. Add in state of the art appliances and you will have a kitchen that Gordon Ramsay would be proud to cook in.

Bathroom Renovation

Your bathroom should be a relaxing and pleasant place. We can help you ditch the old tub and shower combo for something that will let you face anything that the world can throw at you. A whirlpool jet tub that is just made for soaking those troubles away can be just the beginning. It would go perfect with a steam shower complete with a small sitting bench. Take out the single sink vanity that is always cluttered with beauty products and put in a dual sink. One for him and one for her. Add a mirrored medicine cabinet with make-up lights down both sides and a linen cabinet for those guest towels. If the area in your existing bath is limited but you have an unused closet or other space that shares a wall, we can open it up to give you everything that you want.

Light Up The Living Room

Maybe you have only one small window in your living room or that giant outdated entertainment center is taking up one of your exterior walls. Brighten up the space by having us put in a bay window. Look out on your yard from the comfort of your favorite chair. The sill space created is perfect for your house plants that require a bit of direct sunlight or for a padded reading nook.

If you have a patio or deck, another way to brighten the room is for us to put in sliding glass or French doors that lead right outside. You will be able to keep an eye on the kids as they play in the yard or let a cool summer breeze in through the screen.

Floors That Last

Your kitchen, dining area and living room see a lot of foot traffic. You are going to want to have us install a floor that can take a beating. Ceramic tile in your kitchen is easy to clean accidental spills from and, if you choose light colors, can add to the brightness of the room. It will stand up to the occasional dropped utensil and the hours spent walking and standing on it. You can even choose tile that matches the counter-tops and compliments the overall theme of the room.

Most likely, tile will not suit the feel of your dining and living rooms. For these areas you will want a hardwood laminated flooring. This material is strong and dent resistant. The individual pieces lock together so that it will never develop gaps and can hold up to the worst that children and pets can throw at it. When you have us install this style of floor, you will not have to worry about it for years to come.

There are so many areas where we can help you have your dream home. Call us today and we can get started.